Which consultancy firm can really understand your family business?

If you would like to share thoughts with a professional outsider on your family business's current challenges, or about its long term development, you have come to the right address at Mesa family business consultants. We have the knowledge and experience needed to support you in managing and optimizing the interaction between your family and your business, from a changing perspective. Consultants at Mesa-fbc are consultants from different, complementary backgrounds who specialized in family business governance issues. Our expertise covers:

 succession planning and management
 business strategy and vision development
 shareholder strategy and financial architecture
 issues of continuity and restructuring
 ownership and governance
 leadership and team development
 family dynamics and conflict management

We operate independently, honestly, discreetly, and with respect for the family business. We are practical and process oriented in our approach to your questions and dilemmas: we make sure it works!

Mesa is the premier independent family business consultancy in the Netherlands, working both domestically and internationally. Our most recent book on Family Business Excellence was ground breaking and received a nomination for Management Book of 2009

Please contact info@mesa-fbc.nl for more information